TAMER BITES BACK Tamer Hassan responds after ‘enemy’ Vinnie Jones pulled out of charity football match after long-running feud

THE battle of TV and film's hardmen continues, as Tammer Hassan responds to Vinnie Jones pulling out of a charity football match.

Vinnie, 55, was due to play in the game next Sunday to help raise cash for those affected by the pandemic.

But with just days to go he sensationally pulled the plug after learning the organisers had drafted in his old nemesis Tamer, 52.

Their feud dates back to a punch up they had years ago.

But not taking things lying down, Tamer has hit back at Vinnie with a video message on Instagram.

In the clip he says: "Hi everyone, I just want to respond to Vinnie Jones' message this morning about us holding a charity football match around these time and saying that we are irresponsible for doing this.

"And what he is saying is actually the opposite and I want to explain this as well to you Vinnie."

Tamer continued: "We are holding a charity football to raise money not only for NHS, cause you did say the NHS are going to go ape s**t about us holding this game

"But we are raising money for the NHS through my charity Mask Our Heroes and frontline works and all proceeds go to the charity.

"Secondly we have an initiative, call it an experiment if you want, where we have a blueprint that will enable fans to go back into the stadium in a Covid free environment.

"Basically we are going to turn the club into a test centre, all the players, staff and fans are going to be tested.

"All of this has been approved by the government and a limited amount of people are going to be allowed to watch to keep it safe."

He then went onto say that he didn't have a "problem" with Vinnie and that he was "welcome down to the stadium anytime".

It comes after Vinnie slammed the idea on Instagram as "ridiculous" and he said that the "NHS will be going nuts" and that they should wait until the summer for match to go ahead.

Yesterday we revealed exclusively how Vin had pulled out of the game,

A source told us: “Vinnie was all geared up to play in Covid. It’s a great line-up of players with Sam Allardyce and Harry Redknapp coaching the two sides.

“But a few days ago he was told Tamer had also signed up and Vinnie wasn’t having it.

“He said he couldn’t play with Tamer and recalled their bust-up back in 2010.”

The pair had been preparing to work on a new film together in the US called Bloodout but just before filming they had a massive fight, leaving them both bloodied and bruised.

The Sun was told the match, raising funds for Covid charity Mask Our Heroes, has brought their ill feelings to the surface again and Vinnie has refused to take part if Tamer is involved.

The game, which will see players including Emile Heskey, Wayne Bridge and Bobby Zamora having a run out is being hosted at Chelmsford City stadium and fans can stream the game live for a fiver or pay £29 to watch it at the ground on Sunday.

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