Logistics Policy Statement


1.Ligentia will provide all supply chain management services required by Mask Our Heroes for the duration of the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). The supply chain is defined as collection from the supplier to the final delivery point where the PPE equipment will be used by the end-user. Including all customs formalities.

2.All Ligentia services will be provided as not-for-profit using the funds raised directly by Masks Our Heroes

3.To ensure an efficient and effective service is provided all PPE goods funded by Masks Our Heroes will be transported via airfreight organised by Ligentia.

4.Ligentia will work closely with Mask Our Heroes to meet agreed schedules across the supply chain, minimum confirmation of stock availability and supplier address details to be sent to Ligentia at the point of ordering the PPE items with the overseas supplier.

5.Ligentia will advise best practice in moving all PPE equipment including managing customs clearance.

6.Ligentia is not involved in decisions that will directly impact the final destination of the items funded by Mask Our Heroes.

Over 500,000 PPE items donated



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