Where are you sourcing the PPE equipment from?

Currently from China, we have three or four trusted factories there, but we are also talking to factories from Japan to Australia to Switzerland. By not being restricted to any one company or country we can move very fast and very effectively. We will use all our resource and experience to buy the right PPE from wherever we can get it, providing Ligentia our freight forwarder can verify the manufacturer and we ensure the PPE have all the correct certificates of conformity.

Why can’t the NHS buy this PPE directly? Are we taking their stocks?

The procurement teams in the NHS are just not set up to deal with the purchase of PPE at such as level as this. The NHS has set procedures and suppliers that have never had to deal with anything like this before. The
quantities, the speed and the fact that the prices are fluid and sometimes increasing daily. By the time the orders are signed off the price could be different and the cost of the freight could have moved up almost 800% in four
weeks. Using our small team of experts we have no red tape and can move quickly and effectively. None of the PPE we are sourcing is taking away from what the NHS is buying – they simply are not getting enough and we are able to supplement this and fast.

What measures have you taken to ensure equipment is ethically sourced?

Certification is key. We only work with recommended suppliers and send
ground staff into the suppliers’ premises before a deal is agreed.

How will you decide where this PPE equipment will be distributed?

We have a team based at our Southampton offices dealing with and prioritising the calls and enquires as they come in.

How do you see this rolling out across the UK?

We are all obviously hoping for the snowball effect and will be hoping and praying the UK public get behind this worthy cause and take to the #upsidedownchallenge. The more money we raise the more PPE we can

Is this just for the UK?

Currently yes, but we want to help other countries as well where we can and so can look at this model rolling out through those nations that find themselves in the same boat as the UK, needing PPE.

What is your target goal?

One million pounds is the absolute goal – we would love to be able to hit this – it is ambitious but shows how much PPE is needed. We are hoping for corporate backers and for the public to help spread the word.

Are you only distributing PPE to hospitals?

Primarily yes but we would like to ensure all frontline workers receive the PPE they need which is why we have such an ambitious target. We are talking about care home workers, emergency staff, dentists, whoever feels they need it really.Masks for Heroes trading as Mask Our Heroes is a charitable company limited by guarantee, company number 1255624

Over 500,000 PPE items donated



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