charitable objectives Statement

1. All of the work done by Mask Our Heroes (“MOH”) will be in furtherance of its charitable objectives, which are:

“For the public benefit, the relief and assistance of people in need in any part of the world who are or may be likely to suffer from illness or disease, by supplying them with medical or other equipment.”

2. MOH will accept donations of equipment and money from individuals, companies and charities and use the donated money to purchase and donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) directly to frontline, key and essential workers currently battling the Covid-19 crisis and/or supporting or providing services to the public.

3. PPE will be purchased from established medical supply groups and validated and confirmed by applicable national governments. In addition to providing ad hoc donations where needed, MOH will also solicit requirements from hospitals and key stakeholders and if possible add those to our order list. These items will then be manufactured and delivered to the UK via the best freight strategy of speed against price, and then distributed directly providing an effective end-to-end approach to tackling the PPE supply challenge.

4. All PPE equipment to be sourced will be CE certified and EN registered, making the products fully compliant and authorised to be used in UK Hospitals and in the European Union (EU). PPE may include N95/ FFP3 mask, long sleeve disposable fluid repellent gowns, protective face shields/visors and gloves and any other goods and equipment needed by front line, key and essential workers.

5. All donations and operations will be in accordance with applicable law and regulations.

6. MOH will not take political positions, and will donate PPE without consideration of political or policy decisions that may have been taken by the relevant organisation.

7. MOH will not pay any commissions, inducements, kick-backs, or other financial or commercial incentives in respect of the sourcing and distribution of PPE. The only cash transferred will be for the payment for the PPE from the suppliers through an online transfer of ALL donated monies (excluding overhead, which will be minimised and publicly reported regularly and any standard UK banking transfer charges).

8. MOH will not solicit any official endorsement, support, cash incentive, promotion, or financial support from the UK Government, and our coordination with UK Government Healthcare team will be in a voluntary capacity, where all information has been shared in goodwill without any commercial or otherwise incentive or expectation, and has been completely aligned in completing the Mask Our Heroes mandate successfully and on time.

9. All orders of PPE will follow conventional procurement processes, where there can be at least 7-day lead time on all orders from the time of order, where 50% payment is expected on ordering, and the remaining 50% is required prior to delivery to the UK. While MOH would prefer not to pay for PPE prior to delivery, because in normal market conditions a Letter of Credit or escrow account would be sufficient, however given the unprecedented demand for PPE equipment globally, MOH recognises that manufacturers have imposed strict 50% down-payment conditions to differentiate between genuine and bogus buyers and that if necessary it will provide such down payments.

10. If fundraising exceeds the cost of available PPE, MOH will use the funds it raised to further support front-line workers by providing other equipment and support for medical needs including mental health and board and lodgings.

Over 500,000 PPE items donated



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