Mask Our Heroes was created in memory of Alan McGahan

The fundraising initiative, which aims to provide protective suits, masks and visors to hospitals, has been supported by celebrities including writer Irvine Welsh and actor Tamer Hassan.

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why we started

A Tribute to Alan McGahan by Matt McGahan

Matthew McGahan’s dad, Alan Howard McGahan, passed away on the morning of Monday 30th March 2020. He is, sadly now another Coronavirus statistic.

Alan, previously a vibrant and incredibly supportive father and grandfather, was admitted to hospital in January with sepsis where he had a partial amputation of his right foot. He unfortunately developed pneumonia and then he contracted Covid 19.

Matt was with Alan for those final hours of his life albeit on Skype- while stuck overseas - He noticed neither the doctor nor nurses looking after his father were equipped properly with PPE.

When he asked one of the nurses why, she gave this answer: “Either we have had it, got it, will get it, or we are immune. This is what we have, we make do”.

Alongside his business partner Chris Cleverly, Matt committed to getting PPE to the front-line staff in the NHS and any other job that requires PPE. Here, “Mask our Heroes” was born.

In the last couple of weeks, Mask Our Heroes has identified literal tonnes of PPE available to purchase. The catalyst for this was his dad and his doctors and nurses but it has become clear so many other front-line workers also fall into this high-risk category and don’t have adequate PPE.

Mask Our Heroes is set up in the memory and admiration of Alan McGahan and all those effected by Covid-19 and will fight to get PPE equipment to those who need it.

Over 500,000 PPE items donated



The Founders of MOH

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