Donating masks, protecting heroes, saving lives...

MOH is a new charity set up to get vital equipment and PPE to the frontline, key and care workers. During April and May 2020 we donated over 70,000 masks to frontline services and charities.

To date Mask Our heroes has raised over £100,000 through corporate donations and public fundraising.

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Why do this?

Our superheroes on The Frontline

MOH will continue to donate and raise funds to get PPE to those that need it. Whilst there is a need for PPE, mask our heroes will be here to ensure we get it to those that need it most.

Longer term, MOH will grow to be a global NGO delivering PPE to wherever it is needed to help protect the world from the devastating effects of COVID-19.

We want to procure enough PPE to be able to support any nation that suffers a pandemic/epidemic caused shortage. Our focus will be on medical and care services to protect those heroes on the front line who care for the sick, elderly and vulnerable.


Through our founding partnerships with Cannagrow and Ligentia we can source certified PPE and deliver it wherever it is needed.

These partnerships mean we have guaranteed access to planes, each of which can bring 40 tonnes of PPE equipment over to the UK. And they can get it to us within 7 days of placing our order.

This goes beyond the UK, because as long as COVID-19 exists somewhere it can come back. We will scale our operations to be able to support other nations and protect as many Heroes as we can.


This is the easy, and the fun bit. First off you can donate and help us keep our supplies coming into the UK. Secondly you can take the #upsidedownchallenge and spread the word.

Over 500,000 PPE items donated



The Founders of MOH

Emily Woods -  +44 (0)7876 563 596 /
Chris Cleverly -  +44 (0)7843 945 515 /
Matt McGahan +44 (0)7774 221 000

For Fundraising Enquiries

Richard Woods +44 (0)7826855020

For all Press Enquiries

Dominic Mohan +44 7824 428 240